It’s the final step in our trip through the 90’s as we dive into the crazy year of 1999. A year when funky disco licks and euphoric trance were the biggest things happening in House Music. This was a difficult episode to put together as there were so many excellent tunes from 1999 that I have already played on the show. I didn’t want to repeat myself too much, that being said the odd repeat song does creep into the mix as I love them so much.

Tracklisting :

  1. Jamiroquai – Canned Heat (Futureshock Remix)
  2. Onephatdeeva – In and Out My Life (Bootleg)
  3. Junior Jack – My Feeling (Kick ‘n Deep Mix)
  4. Supakings – Back & Forth (Original Mix)
  5. Mike Delgado – Byrdman’s Revenge (Rhythm Masters Upstairs Mix)
  6. Phats & Small – Turn Around (Acappella)
  7. Michael Moog – That Sound (Full Intention Mix)
  8. Avant Garde – Get Down (X-Tended)
  9. DJ Jean – The Launch (DJ Disco Mix)
  10. Veracocha – Drafting
  11. Pulp Victim – The World ’99 – (Moonman Extended)
  12. TinTinOut – TWM (DJ Jam X & De Leon Mix)
  13. Bizarre Inc. – Playing With Knives (Tall Paul Mix)

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