For this week’s episode I have dug through my archive of old mixes and pulled out this set from 2009 solely consisting of Basement Jaxx goodies. This mix includes tunes by the band themselves, remixes they have done and a few remixes of their tracks by other people. Seeing as it was recorded back in 2009 that does mean that the whole thing was recorded from vinyl so expect some slight wobbles in the sound.


  1. Romeo
  2. Oh My Gosh
  3. Red Alert
  4. Fly Life (Erick ‘More’ Morillo Dub)
  5. Plug It In
  6. Rendez-Vu
  7. Jus’ 1 Kiss
  8. Nikita Warren – I Need You (Basement Jaxx Mix)
  9. Where’s Your Head At
  10. Jump and Shout 
  11. U Don’t Know Me (Jaxx Houz Mix)
  12. Get Me Off (Jaxx 2002 Club Mix)
  13. Hush Boy (Soul Seekerz Mix)
  14. Samba Magic
  15. Bingo Bango
  16. Bongoloid
  17. I Beg U
  18. Missy Elliot – 4 My People (Basement Jaxx Mix)
  19. Lucky Star (feat Dizzee Rascal)
  20. Fly Life
  21. Do Your Thing (Tim Deluxe Club Mix)
  22. Good Luck (Tim Deluxe Funked Club Mix)

Basement Jaxx Mixx

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