Some big tunes and remixes in this week’s episode. Just the ticket to help you through another week of Corona-season. There are also a couple more tasty acappella mash-ups to keep things interesting. This episode marks the Retro House Debut of Avicii with his ‘before-he-was-mega-huge’ banger ‘Street Dancer’.


  1. Clive Griffin – You’re the One For Me (Full Intention Vocal Dub)
  2. Boris D’lugosch ft Inaya Day – Hold Your Head Up High (Acapella)
  3. The Crusaders – Street Life (Silk & Fuss Remix)
  4. Lusso – Step (Original Extended Mix)
  5. DJ Supreme – Tha Wildstyle (Underground Distortion Mix)
  6. Da Vibe Project – Jus’ a Feelin’
  7. Next Phase, Helen Bruner, Terry Jones – I Ain’t Got Time (Nelson’s Time Out Dub)
  8. Murk Pres. Liberty City – If You Really Love Someone (Francesco Ferraro Remix)
  9. Gisele Jackson – Love Commandments (Nevin’s Master Blaster Mix)
  10. Romano Alfieri – Moved Muff
  11. The Goodfellas – Soul Heaven (Acappella)
  12. Avicii – Street Dancer (Original Mix)
  13. Pete Heller – Big Love (Richard Dinsdale Mix)
  14. Asino Di Medico & Mickey-T – Hazlo Otra Vez (Original Mix)
  15. Chris Lake – Secrets In The Dark (Original Mix)

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