Gotta keep those summer vibes up whilst the hot weather is currently beating down here in the UK. This week’s episode kicks off with some lovely poolside garagey feels from MJ Cole before sliding into a more typical soulful and vocal house set. I also slip in a bit of a bassbin banger right at the end because sometime I just can’t help myself. I hope you find that this mix nicely compliments any get together you may have this summer. Enjoy!


  1. MJ Cole Feat. Laura Vane – Watertight
  2. India feat. MAW & Co. – To Be in Love (Knee Deep Re-Edit)
  3. Next Phase – Peace of Mind (Basement Boys Main Vocal)
  4. Mass Syndicate feat Su Su Bobien – You Don’t Know (Classic Nice n Ripe Mix Edit)
  5. Jodeci – Get On Up (Grant Nelson’s Anthem Remix)
  6. Voices of Life – The Word is Love (Say The Word) (Silk’s Anthem of Life)
  7. Ali – Love Letters (Todd Edwards Vocal)
  8. Wez Clarke & Maxine Hardcastle – Bringing Me Back
  9. Frau Frau – Breathe In (Watkins Full Vocal Remix)
  10. Grand High Priest – Mixdown
  11. Blaze – My Beat (Acapella)
  12. ATFC feat Lisa Millet – Sleep Talk (ATFC’s Hard Night’s Dub)
  13. Urban Blues Project feat Jay Williams – Testify (Phunk Phorce Gets Blunted Mix)


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