It’s sometimes funny how these episodes come about. A lot of the time it’s as simple as thinking of that first track and building from there. I had this opening track by Eve Gallagher pencilled in as an opener for weeks now with the intention of building it into a melodic, clubby set that climaxed with some big epic tunes. Instead this set starts off on that same clubby vibe but by the end it steers into a more ‘ravey’ direction but hey, it works for me so that’s all good.


  • Eve Gallagher – Change Your Mind (Dis-Cuss 12inch Mix)
  • Opus III – It’s a Fine Day (Bacosaurus Remix)
  • Trick and Kubic feat Valeska – Easy
  • Electribe 101 – Talking With Myself (The Beloved Remix)
  • Peaches – Set It Off (Tobi Neumann’s GMF Mix)
  • Haji and Emanuel – Take Me Away
  • Isha-D Stay (Tonight) (Epic Mix)
  • Quench – Dreams (Rhythm 4 Reason Remix)
  • Hoxton Whores vs Robert Armani – Circus Bells 2003 (White Label)
  • R. Rivera Grooves – Funk-A-Tron (Main Mix)
  • Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness (Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy Mix)
  • Poltergeist – Vicious Circles (Rhythm Masters European Extravaganza Mix)

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