I thought I’d switch things up this week by putting together set based solely around one genre of house music. I’ve enjoyed dropping the more bass heavy tracks in the previous episodes. I figured it would be fun to do a whole episode based around ‘Speed Garage’. These days it’s probably more known as ‘UK Garage’ but I’m a stickler for old habits. The tag ‘Speed Garage’ takes me back to digging through the racks at records shops for those elusive bootlegs.

There’s a little smattering of the funky ‘London-vibed’ vocal stuff at the start of this mix but it’s not long before the bass bin bangers start to drop. I tried to avoid the huge anthems (Spin Spin Sugar, Gunman etc) so I could make room for more lesser known tracks, I did get a request for Ripgroove however so I’ve dropped in a remix to keep things fresh.


1. Tuff Jam Experience – Experience (Classic Anthem Mix)
2. 187 Lockdown – Playin’ Around (Nu-Birth Remix)
3. Club Asylum – Yeah Yeah Yeah (Track One)
4. Industry Standard – What You Want (Jeremy Sylvester’s Nice N Ripe Mix)
5. Amore – It’s Alright
6. Double 99 – Ripgroove (Andy Lysandrou and Andy Mowat Mix)
7. Boris D’lugosch – Hold Your Head Up High (Julian Jonah’s Bad Boy Mix)
8. Record X – Untitled
9. The Course – Ain’t Nobody (Acapella)
10. Erick ‘More’ Morillo – Dancing
11. Coco – I Need A Miracle (Sol Brothers Dub Vocal)
12. Unknown – Just For You
13. FOM – See Me Feel Me (Heavy Load Mix)
14. DJ Pooch – Let The Bass Roll
15. Fabulous Baker Boys – Oh Boy
16. Todd Terry presents Shannon – It’s Over Love (Loop Da Loop Mix)

The Speed Garage Mixtape

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