Never underestimate the power of Disco. It is because of Disco that we have House music today in both a music & culture sense. The driving 4/4 rhythms were the backbone for early house productions. Disco paved the way for modern club culture with creating the notion of superstar DJ’s like Larry Levan playing marathons sets. It varied from deep and dirty sweatbox parties to ultra-glamorous events that’s mirrored in club culture today (not to mention all the drugs).

I’ve put together a little Spotify playlistback celebrating some of the disco nuggets that have been sampled by various house tunes through the decades.

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Kicking off with an obvious choice, Love Sensation by Loleatta Holloway, sampled by countless tracks most notably Black Box’s ‘Ride On Time’. From there it’s a treasure trove of samples that you’ve heard in house tunes such as ‘Anthem’ by N-Joi, ‘The Bomb’ by The Bucketheads, ‘Big Love’ by Pete Heller, ‘Disco’s Revenge’ by Gusto and loads more.

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