Hey there! Welcome along to another episode of Retro House Mixtape. This week we start in the early noughties and slide back into the late 90’s as the set progresses. Towards the end things get into a kinda ‘hip-hop’ vocal house vibe which really gets those 90’s retro vibes tingling.

LINK: https://www.mixcloud.com/RetroHouseMixtape/retro-house-mixtape-episode-65-friday-7pm-gmt-on-beach-radiocom/


  1. EDX – Shy Shy (Paul Harris Remix)
  2. Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Tom De Neef Remix)
  3. Jakatta – Shimmering Stars
  4. Jon Cutler & E-Man – It’s Yours feat. E-Man (Jay J’s Remix)
  5. Fabio Bacchini – Funk Is The Message (Original Mix)
  6. Bucketheads – The Bomb (hausJacker Remix)
  7. 2 Tons O Fun – Feel It (Phunkk Mob Remix)
  8. Cut Masters – Front To The Back (Rhythm Masters Vocal Mix)
  9. The Chemist – Ruff Kutz (Mission Accomplished Club Mix)
  10. Moby – Bodyrock (Olav Basoski Remix)
  11. Saturday Night Hustlers – In The Club (Original Mix)

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