Evil Eye is the third release from my ongoing music project “Dodgy Pixel”. The thing I’m currently doing instead of Retro House Mixtape.

It’s a track that references the breakbeat rave era with haunting vibes and irresistible old skool touches.

The track is available to buy and stream from Bandcamp. It will come to streaming platforms later in 2023 (as I write this).

For more info on the making of the track check out my other website – dodgypixel.com

Album Artowk for Evil Eye. A neon pixelated image of an eye with the green 'Dodgy Pixel' logo over the top.

In case you missed them my previous tracks are still available online. My second track, a 1994 jungle banger called “You Got Me (Wanting You)” is also available on Bandcamp and will also be hitting streaming shortly.

There is also my debut track “Nascent”, a breakbeat groover which is also available on Bandcamp. Do check that out also.

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