My music project ‘Dodgy Pixel’ presses on with my first release now becoming available on various popular streaming platforms. It’s been quite the haul getting it onto streaming. I’m sure I’ll go through the whole process of getting music onto Spotify and streaming platforms in a future blog post. For now all I’ll say is that that there have been various hurdles to jump over to get to where things are (not to mention further hoops I have yet to jump through).

For now you can stream ‘Nascent’ on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube and all over the place. Hit your required player below or use this link to find various other sources to stream from.

Find out about my second track, a drum & bass banger, ‘You Got Me (Wanting You)’ here.

Or find out more about Dodgy Pixel and how it started here.

If you want to follow ‘Dodgy Pixel’ online you can do so via these links.




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