How about a House Music Playlist to keep you going while I take a break from putting together new episodes of Retro House Mixtape? I may be on a hiatus but that doesn’t mean that I’m leaving you with no housey tunes to get stuck into. I’ve recently started Tweeting daily a hashtag titled #RetroHouseTuneOfTheDay. As you’ve probably already guessed, I’ve been using it to share an old skool tune on Twitter every day. At the same time I’ve also been collating these tunes into a Youtube playlist that you can listen to here..

Nothing like a House Music Playlist to go along with your day to day business. If you’d rather stream this via a more suitable platform I’ve also put together a similar playlist on Spotify (listening to music on Youtube seems weird to me). Sadly not all of the tunes are available on Spotify but at least it’s a bit easier to listen to on the move than Youtube.

I’ll keep both House Music playlists updated as I go. Of course to get the first look on what each day brings you can always follow me on Twitter or look up the #RetroHouseTuneOfTheDay hashtag.

If you’re looking for some suggestions with regards to previous episodes of Retro House Mixtape a good place to start is my previous ‘Top Ten Most Listened Episodes of Retro House Mixtape‘ blog post.

The Future Of Retro House Mixtape

With regards to new episodes, I’m hoping that things will be up and running again towards the end of February. I will be releasing new mixtapes independently as per how things were when I first started doing the show. I’m mostly looking forward to doing a few more themed episodes and ‘sessions’ during the next run of shows. This means that yes, that second ‘Speed Garage Mixtape’ just might happen in 2020.

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