I’ve been dipping through the episode archive on Mixcloud and have put together a playlist of the most listened episodes of Retro House Mixtape. You can access the whole playlist here or via the embedded player below. Alternatively you check out the chart rundown below to find out more on each mix and hit the links to check out each track list.

Episode 33 – The more soulful/vocal based episodes of Retro House Mixtape are by far the most popular. This is probably why Episode 33 is in the number one slot. It’s also an excellent representation of what the show is about, those older house tunes that you don’t hear so much of these days.

Retro House Mixtape

Episode 1 – Second on the Top 10 is the first ever episode of the show. This was initially planned as a test run but in the end i decided to release it as an episode. It’s quite funny comparing the show as it is now with how it started out. Fun fact: On this episode my intro and outro was recorded on my iPhone.

Episode 17 – Another episode that upholds the funky/soulful = popular episode theory. At this point the show was really kicking into gear in terms of reach & support. This is possibly one of my favourite episodes featuring some personal all time favourites.

Episode 22 – This is one of those episodes that follows my occasional template for the show. Vocal and uplifting house tracks to begin with before dropping into some bass heavy bangers towards the end of the set. I also like that the final track was a recent re-discovery in my collection that I had completely forgotten about.

Episode 2

Episode 2 – The second ever episode also makes it into the Top 10 playlist. This mix features some of the first 12″ records that I bought once I had taken the step to buy some turntables and learn how to mix. It’s so cool to put them into a set decades later and realise that they still sound great.

Episode 29

Episode 29 – It’s a nice touch to have this one in the Top 10. It features a tribute to my Dad who turned 70 when the episode was released. If anything he’s the reason why I’m doing this. I grew up helping him with his mobile disco setup every weekend, it was inevitable that I would take up DJing myself someday. He’s still DJing now as it happens, doing sets in bars and so on.

The Prodigy Session

Episode 20 – The Prodigy Session – No surprise to see this one here. The Prodigy were a big part of my listening habits during my teenage years. Clearly they mean a lot to many other people as well. It was a huge shock to lose Keith in 2019. Liam has posted on Instagram that he is still working in the studio, it’ll be interesting to see where things go from here.

Episode 62 – Unlike the previous entry, this one is a surprise. It was only uploaded a few months ago so it’s pretty impressive that it’s already in the top 10. It was also one of those typical times of recording a set and asking myself ‘Is this good enough?’ throughout. Turns out it was good enough after all.

Episode 12

Episode 12 – This is another favourite episode of mine. It goes for that mid-90’s clubby vibe, full of synths, vocals and uplifting melodies. It also leans towards a slightly more trancey vibe at the end of the set.

Episode 50 – 1st Year Anniversary Show – A very apt choice to round out the Top 10, the 1st Year birthday show of the Retro House Mixtape. For this episode I decided to mash together 20 tunes in a sixty minute set. It looks a few attempts to get the first transition just right but once that was in the bag the rest of the set fell into place with no problems.

And there it is. The Top 10 most listened episodes of Retro House Mixtape so far. Honestly? I am shook that the ‘Speed Garage Mixtape‘ episode did not make the cut, I get asked about a follow up episode to that more than anything. Who knows, maybe we’ll see that in 2020.

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