Month: February 2019

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Retro House Mixtape Logo on Vinyl Records

Retro House Mixtape – Episode 33

This episode is a who’s who of previously featured Retro House Mixtape artists and DJ’s. Grant Nelson, Joey Negro, Roger Sanchez, Full Intention, Boris Dlugosch… they all make yet another appearance on the show. Check it out!

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Retro House Mixtape – Episode 32

This episode was supposed to be a melodic, clubby set that climaxed with some big epic tunes. Instead, it starts off on that same clubby vibe but by the end it steers into a more ‘ravey’ direction but hey, it works for me so that’s all good.

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Retro House Mixtape – Episode 30

This mix is a 60 minute session of late 90’s club bangers. I’m talking full on ‘3 a.m. losing it under the strobe light’ type stuff. It harks back to a time when house sets had an ‘anything goes’ attitude rather than a pigeonhole approach.